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Current Research Projects

Ecology and management of sting nematode in golf course putting greens (Glen Galle – Ph.D. Student)

  • Characterize seasonal dynamics of sting nematode populations in golf course putting greens
  • Determine vertical distribution of sting nematodes in golf course putting greens
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different timings and applications strategies of Avid for sting nematode management
  • Investigate the influence of soil moisture on survivability of sting nematode populations
  • Potentially sequence genome of sting nematode

Effect of management practices on fungicide efficacy and environmental fate in turfgrass systems (Daniel Freund – M.S. Student)

  • Determine downward distribution/delivery of fungicides based on post-application irrigation timing
  • Evaluate disease control as affected by mowing timing after fungicide application to tall fescue
  • Investigate disease control as affected by clipping collection practice post fungicide application to tall fescue

Etiology and biology of the organisms causing take all root rot on ultradwarf bermudagrass greens (Cameron Stephens – Ph.D. Student)

  • Determine and characterize the organisms responsible for causing take all root rot
  • Evaluate in vitro fungicide sensitivity and pathogenicity of take all root rot organisms
  • Establish chemical management techniques for TARR including fungicide efficacy and fungicide application timing
  • Develop RT-PCR and high-resolution melt analysis assays to distinguish between take all root rot organisms

Environmental fate and of fungicides used to target soil borne pathogens on golf course putting green system (Cameron Stephens – Ph.D. Student)

  • Elucidate the effects of mowing timing and post application irrigation timing on fungicide removed with turfgrass clippings and fungicide movement in the soil profile
  • Evaluate the influence of wetting agent application timing on fungicide movement in a bare soil lysimeter system
  • Evaluate the movement and translocation of C14 radiolabeled fungicide in planta as influenced by precision application techniques

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