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NC State Extension

Fee Structure

Golf Course $60 $120
Commercial Turf Manager $30 $75 $20
Homeowner $30 $75 $20


We prefer payment be made by VISA or MasterCard, however we do accept cash, check, or money order. Checks should be made out to NC State University.

Do you owe us for a sample and want to pay by credit card? If you have your sample number, you can make payment by clicking on the Visa/MC image below.

Visa / MasterCard

If you pay be credit card online, the report is not released until we receive notification that payment has cleared. This may take several days. If you need your report sooner, please contact us at

Late Payment Policy

Payment is expected within 30 days of sample submission. For unpaid samples, we send invoices out after diagnosis. If payment hasn’t been made after 90 days, you will be turned over to the Attorney General of the State of North Carolina for collections. This will result in an additional 10% charge and all future services with our lab will be denied until your account is paid in full.