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Reporting Results

Golf course and commercial samples are processed within 1 business day of receipt and homeowner samples are processed within 2 business days of receipt.

For golf course samples, we report the diagnosis results immediately by email or telephone. We will discuss our findings during analysis of your samples and suggest control recommendations for a speedy recovery.

For commercial and homeowner samples, we report the diagnosis results as soon as possible by email. This is typically done on the same day as the diagnosis as soon as we are able to enter the results into the database. The report will include the diagnosis as well as management and control recommendations.

Written reports are provided for each sample through an online system and are not released until we are paid. If you pay by credit card online, the report is not released until we receive notification that payment has cleared. This may take several days. If you need your report sooner, please contact us and let us know at

New clients will receive a user ID and password when they submit their first sample. This allows the client to access the samples they have submitted, as well as invoices, receipts, and written reports. Please provide an email address on the sample submission form so that you can take advantage of this system. We will gladly send the report to multiple contacts if requested.

If a disease is suspected, but not detected, we will continue to work with you through further sample submission at no additional charge until we solve the problem.

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