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PP 506: Epidemiology & Management of Plant Diseases

This is a graduate level core course in the graduate program of plant pathology. The course focuses on the principles of epidemiology and disease management. In the course students are exposed to key principles of epidemiology such as disease progression, spread and how management tactics affect the epidemiology of plant disease. In the management portion, students learn how cultural practices, host resistance and chemicals influence disease development.

CS 470: Advanced Turfgrass Pest Management

This spring semester course is required for students pursuing a B.S. in Turfgrass Management and is co-instructed by Dr. Jim Kerns (Plant Pathology), Dr. Fred Yelverton (Crop Science), and Dr. Rick Brandenburg (Entomology). Students are provided with a comprehensive overview of turfgrass weed, insect, and disease pests and how to manage them in an integrated fashion. At the end of the course, students develop and present a complete pest management plan for a turfgrass facility of their choosing.

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